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Business Information

We have been providing quality native aquatic plants since 1995 for a wide range of projects including:

We also offer consultation, project design, implementation and monitoring, native plant selection, and ecological approaches to aquatic systems problems.

We have worked with many municipalities, state agencies, water districts, commercial clients, and individuals designing and implementing successful aquatic habitat projects.      


Joe worked with the University of North Texas as a Research Scientist contractor to the Corps of Engineers at the Lewisville Aquatic Ecosystem Research facility from 1989 to spring 2007.

Education:                 M S  Environmental Science, University of North Texas, 2000

                                    B A  Biology, University of North Texas, 1995

Recent Position:         IPA, Research Scientist II.  University of North Texas, Institute of Applied Sciences, Denton, TX, 1997 to April 2007.  Position included conducting research related to advancing technology in native aquatic plant culture, developing and managing culture facilities at the Lewisville Aquatic Ecosystem Research Facility (LAERF), supervision of design, execution, and analysis of research projects associated with aquatic plant growth and establishment techniques, and technology transfer to peers and outside agencies.  Funding and cooperative efforts have been provided by state fish and wildlife agencies ( Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, North Carolina, Kansas, Tennessee and Louisiana), federal agencies (various USAE districts, DOD), local entities (municipalities, water districts, non-profit organizations), and private enterprises.

                                    Participated in habitat restoration projects in reservoirs, rivers, and other aquatic ecosystems nationwide.

Previous Positions:    Director, Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area, Lewisville, Texas (concurrent with LAERF duties), 1997-2000.

Biological Technician, (student position), LAERF. 1989-1997.


Memberships:            Aquatic Plant Management Society.

                                    Texas Aquatic Plant Management Society. Past President, Board of            Directors, Webmaster.

                                    Texas Society for Ecological Restoration.

                                    Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area. Board of Directors

Publications, Presentations, and Reports available upon request